Research Project on the Sculptural Art of Densatil
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The Lang Phagmo trupa ruling house
The Monastery of Densatil
The Art of Densatil
What is a Tashigomang?
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The Number of Tashigomang

Front Elevation, drawing © Olaf Czaja 2007
  (1) View from Densatil to the Tsangpo River 1995, photo©G. Hazod

Phagmo trupa Dorje gyelpo (Phag mo gru pa Rdo rje rgyal po) came to the region of Densatil in about 1158. Densatil is situated not far from the Northern banks of the Tsangpo (Gtsang po) river which separates the region of On (’On) and Yarlung (Yar lung), both being areas where later the Lang Phagmo trupa (Rlangs Phag mo gru pa) family settled. (1)
Gradually, many pupils gathered at this location and a settlement made of huts developed there. When Phagmo trupa died in 1170, the loose congregation of his followers and disciples were left without a leader. Some remained where they were, while others dispersed, returning to their homelands or founding religious settlements in other regions. In 1198 a great council took place bringing together some of the main pupils of Phagmo trupa. They decided to build a monastery around the famous grass-hut of their beloved teacher. This monastery became known as Densatil.
Front Elevation, drawing © Olaf Czaja 2007
  (2) View on Densatil with the Ruins of the Main Temple and Minor Buildings 1995, photo©G. Hazod

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