Research Project on the Sculptural Art of Densatil
Description of the Project
The Lang Phagmo trupa ruling house
The Monastery of Densatil
The Art of Densatil
What is a Tashigomang?
The Figural Outline of a Tashigomang
The Number of Tashigomang

Front Elevation, drawing © Olaf Czaja 2007
  (3) The Ruins of the Main Temple of Densatil 1995, photo©G. Hazod

In the subsequent years the buildings underwent numerous architectural changes, especially during the rule of the famous Jangchub gyeltsen (Byang chub rgyal mtshan, 1302/03-1364) who ordered to erect the new main building, the so-called ’new offering house’ (chökhang sarma, mchod khang gsar ma). It had three storeys, forty pillars and was painted red which led to its designation as the red main temple (tsuglagkhang marpo, gtsug lag khang dmar po).
There, the impressive tashigomang and numerous other religious objects besides, were housed. Besides the main building, Densatil had various minor structures.
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