Research Project on the Sculptural Art of Densatil
Description of the Project
The Lang Phagmo trupa ruling house
The Monastery of Densatil
The Art of Densatil
What is a Tashigomang?
The Figural Outline of a Tashigomang
The Number of Tashigomang

Front Elevation, drawing © Olaf Czaja 2007
(1) Front Elevation of a Tashigomang Stupa (A+B) and its Six Tiers.
(Not to Scale) drawing ©Olaf Czaja
Pillar Figure ©Nagel Auctions, Stuttgart

(2) A Pillar Figure Showing the Offering Goddess, ©NAGEL AUKTIONEN, Stuttgart
The so-called adamantine ground forms the base of a structure consisting of a circular part and a part shaped of five tiers. The upper five tiers were subdivided into five panels with a central panel situated in the main axis and two panels each to its left and right side which were recessed twice. (1)
The vertical order was emphasized by pillars being caryatid-like figures. They are two four-armed deities standing back-to-back in tribhanga posture. The figure of the front side represents a female Bodhisattva, while the deity of the back is an offering goddess holding a garland of jewels. (2)
imprint text © O.Czaja 2007–14