Research Project on the Sculptural Art of Densatil
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The Lang Phagmo trupa ruling house
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What is a Tashigomang?
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Following below was the fourth tier called the tier of Buddhas. On all four directions certain forms of Buddha resided who were surrounded by a given number of miniature Buddhas which were spread over the lateral panels. These minor figures were executed in bas-relief and corresponded to the very direction they were located, thus, for instance, small effigies of Akshobhya with his characteristic earth touching gesture were found on the eastern direction.

Below this tier was the tier of the offering goddesses. A variety of female deities was on the central panels of the four directions such as Dhvajagrakeyura, Ekajati and Mahasahasrapramardana at the central panel of the west, for instance. Both panels to the left and right were occupied by offering goddesses whose iconographical depiction derived from a certain text related to the Cakrasamvara liturgy. These sixteen offering goddesses (arranged in four groups) were repeated at each direction. (5+6)

(5) Panel of Offering Goddesses Showing Pushpa, Dhupa, Aloka and Gandha. photo©U.von Schroeder. (6) Panel of Offering Goddesses Showing Pushpa, Dhupa, Aloka and Gandha. photo©Rossi and Rossi, London

They carry certain utensils or display certain gestures, thus indicating the particular offering they symbolise. For instance, one group of goddesses offers flowers (pushpa), incense (dhupa), light (aloka) and perfumed water (gandha).
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