Research Project on the Sculptural Art of Densatil
Description of the Project
The Lang Phagmo trupa ruling house
The Monastery of Densatil
The Art of Densatil
What is a Tashigomang?
The Figural Outline of a Tashigomang
The Number of Tashigomang

Front Elevation, drawing © Olaf Czaja 2007 Front Elevation of a Tashigomang Stupa (A+B) and its Six Tiers. (Not to Scale), drawing ©O.Czaja.
The term tashigomang might be translated as ’Many Doors of Auspiciousness’. It is usually designates a particular type of stupa symbolizing the first teaching of Buddha in Benares. It is characterized by its design. It is square and has many (mang, mang) doors (go, sgo) of auspiciousness’ (tashi, bkra shis). In the three-fold Buddhist classification of body, speech and mind, every stupa is regarded as a receptacle of the mind. A tashigomang structure, however, with its many tiers crowded with deities is seen as a receptacle of the body, as are Tibetan paintings or sculptures (B). On top of this structure a stupa was placed which contained the remains of a late abbot of Densatil (A). A stupa together with this structure can be called a tashigomang stupa.
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